Leo Thursday on a sky background with shoothing stars

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, April 8, 2021: You'll consider giving a second chance

Those who use their voice as a working tool will be especially lucky today


The second chances in all types of relationships (romantic, family, friendships) will play the main role this Thursday. Venus square Pluto insists you work a little bit harder on self-criticism and assume your mistakes. If you want to regain a bond, you need that bond to change, and for that, you must go through a transformation yourself.

However, Leo, it's not all worth it. You'll have to reflect on whether it's actually necessary to fight again or maybe it's just a stone in your path. The conjunction between the Sun and Venus won't be very helpful and you'll have to wait for a couple of days to see if you made the right decision.


Your streak of good luck and firm decisions will last until April 20th. These energies will help you make impulsive but accurate decisions. When you have to choose between two very different roads, let your heart guide you; it's never wrong. 

The astral energies will benefit those Leos who use their voice as a work tool: dubbers, storytellers, politicians, singers, radio reporters, etc. All of them will enjoy a captivating power that they can take advantage of to achieve their career goals.

If your savings are next to nothing, you'll have to think about your actions and decisions that have led you to this economic situation. It's not about looking for the guilty ones; simply reflect on your mistakes and try to come up with possible solutions.  


If you can't make it to your medical appointment, don't just ignore it. The waiting lists are very long and there are other people who may need an urgent visit. Be responsible and make a call to cancel your appointment so someone else can go in your place.

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