Leo Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, October 7, 2020: Avoid caffeine before you go to bed

You may realize that you haven't taken the right steps in your life due to your parents' influence


Leo, a fleeting thought or conversation may make you realize that you haven't taken the right steps in your life. Maybe your parents have influenced or persuaded you to adopt a personality or a profession that you didn't really like.

You'll start wondering if you're the person others want you to be. It's time to break the mold imposed by your family and society and let your true self fly. Hence, develop your true purpose and take the reins of your life.

Therefore, an emotional wound towards your parents may come to the surface today. A minor conflict may lead you to express your repressed emotions and start a serious fight. 

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Professions that are related to educating children will be blessed by the stars today. It's a good time to connect with the little ones and help them develop their personality and creativity.

New technologies create a lot of jobs that didn't exist in the past. Take a look at the new job opportunities in the market; you might be interested in learning new cutting-edge skills.

Today you'll be especially worried about your financial insecurity due to the current events. Reducing your expenses or loans will be the key to saving more until the end of the month.

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It doesn't matter how many cups of coffee you'll have today; they won't help you get rid of the feeling of drowsiness. In fact, that much caffeine will backfire when you go to sleep because even though you're extremely tired, insomnia won't let you rest.

Understanding that you're the master of your destiny and your decisions can hurt at first. But it's essential you realize this in order to  free yourself from self-imposed chains and start working towards your happiness.