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Leo Horoscope - Sunday, March 7, 2021: Video game consoles can also be used for exercising

The atmosphere in your relationship will be tense, but there's nothing that you can't solve with love and respect


Leo, the stars foresee a complicated day for Leos who are in a relationship.  You'll be a little radical today and may even decide to break up with your partner. Arguments will make you think that you two have nothing in common and there's no reason to continue together. It seems that you are walking in different directions and don't want the same things for the future.

It may look like an irreconcilable situation but it's not, it's just a little bump in the road. If you need some time on your own, take it. Ask a good friend for advice, they'll surely remind you how much you love each other and what a great couple you are. The key to this reconciliation is to seek common ground  even if it seems that there is none. Have an honest conversation with your partner, be as respectful as possible, and try to reach new agreements with new common goals.

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When it comes to your economy, the day will be much more stable. You won't have to face any surprising payments or bills, neither unexpected expenses. You'll be cautious with your money when making purchases or going out for a drink. 

Beware of friends who want to convince you of the benefits of pyramid businesses, as they're illegal in many countries and there are notorious cases of "pyramid scams". Although it sounds like a fast way to get money, do your own research before making the decision to join this type of business.

Your ruler, the Sun, is inexorably approaching Neptune in Pisces, which can cloud your intuition when making investments. Therefore,  don't make any important decisions regarding money until the 24th of March.


The Moon will shine in Capricorn in your health zone making a sextile to Uranus.  You'll be taken over by electrifying energy and feel like doing sports using technological devices.  The best combo will be a video game console with games to exercise your body.

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