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Leo Horoscope - Monday, June 7, 2021: Leave nothing unsaid

You need to learn new technology skills. If you aren't good at it, ask for help

❤️ Love

Leo, you'll feel like you're on a desert island far away from your loved ones. It's like you can't see them through a thick fog or a big wall. You'll wonder if you're the one to blame for that. However, asking yourself questions is pointless, what you should do is approach the people you love and explain how you feel. Ask them what has happened that has distanced you from them.

The truth is that it's not an internal family issue. You're all going through something that has dispersed your thoughts. As soon as you sit down together and have a chat about your emotions, your relationship with your partner and children (if you have any) will improve. 

💰 Money

Older researchers and teachers are going to have to get their act together when it comes to learning new tech tools. Rejecting them in pursuit of traditional methods will close some very interesting doors. If it's something you're not good at, put your fears aside and ask for help; it's never too late to learn new things.

A debt you thought was already settled will come back to haunt you. It may be due to some added commissions that you weren't informed about and you didn't pay or because the company hasn't removed your name from a debtors' file.

👩‍⚕️ Health

If you leave some things unsaid, you'll have a sore throat all day long. 

Leos who are more conservative and traditional will suffer if they resist the changes that they'll have to make anyway. 

👍 Tip of the day

A red or orange bag or shoes will help you get all the attention

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for Monday, June 7 are: 5, 9, 10 and 34.

🤝 Compatibilities

Leo, remember your compatibilities for this Monday, June 7, 2021:

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Sagittarius and Cancer at Work

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