Leo Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, July 7, 2020: Comparisons are odious

Spoil yourself a little; give yourself a treat and buy that fancy cream or garment you like so much


Don't compare your relationship to others, especially, if you only focus on what people post on their social networks. These images don't reflect the reality, everyday life isn't a fairytale. It's natural that you don't always feel the same way about your partner, every relationship has its ups and downs. 

Leo, leave the comparisons aside; otherwise, your partner will never live up to your expectations, as he/she will never be so romantic, funny, or witty as the people you see in movies or Instagram videos.

Your children will need your help when preparing for a final exam. Lend them a hand and teach them the best studying techniques you know. This way in the future they'll be able to manage their time and responsibilities better. 

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You're one of the most generous Zodiac signs and you always put others before yourself. However, today the tables will turn. It's a perfect day to go shopping and spend your money on whatever you want. A word of advice: Before you leave home, work out how much money you can spend so you don't get upset later.  

At work,  you'll feel distant from your colleagues. It's all in your head, as you'll be in a bad mood in general. Why don't you suggest going for a drink after work? Some laughs will surely improve your relationship with them and make the rest of the working week more enjoyable. 

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You may suffer from an unexpected sore throat today. Lots of ice-cream, air conditioning, or air currents may have led you to catch a cold. 

The food that contains lots of vitamin C, as well as ginger infusions, will help you strengthen your defences.  It's also important you go to bed early tonight so your body can rest more and recover as soon as possible.