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Leo Horoscope - Thursday, January 7, 2021: Cooperation will reflect the love you feel

You're likely to lose interest in your work and may start questioning your career path


Leo, the red planet will fill you with self-confidence but not vanity or narcissism.  You'll feel more attractive than usual and be eager to take advantage of it to attract someone's attention, whether you're in a long-term relationship or trying to conquer a wild heart.

There will be no room for competition. A feeling of cooperation will take over your partner and you and together you'll be able to overcome any obstacles. You'll strengthen your bond and your love will be reflected in each other's eyes. 

Long-distance relationships will also benefit from this energy.

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You'll have to carry out some projects that you won't be interested in, which will be quite obvious. Be careful, Leo, as your superiors could get disappointed with you if they sense your lack of interest.

The horoscope recommends that you rely on your colleagues and partners to get your work done. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it. 

If you have a business of your own, you may need to brainstorm on a new product, new service, new packaging that would attract people's attention; something that will remind your present customers and potential ones that you're in the market.


A lack of enthusiasm for new projects will lead you to think that you have lost or strayed from your path. Is this really what you want to do in your life?  Or would you rather be somewhere else, doing something else, and be surrounded by other people?

You've got all the answers inside you.  There's nothing better than questioning yourself from time to time to find out if you are really happy with who you are and what you do.

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