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Leo Horoscope - Monday, December 7, 2020: Be careful; you could be idealizing your new love

Stepping on a colleague to achieve your goals will give you joy in the short term, but karma always strikes back


Enough, Leo. Just because someone has been your friend for so many years, it doesn't mean that you have to stay by their side if it's not good for you anymore. You like solid friendships and love the fact that you can talk to some friends that you haven't seen for ages like time hasn't passed. However, if there is someone who you no longer feel comfortable with because he or she questions all your decisions and attitudes, it's time to say goodbye.

If you're a single Leo, you'll be attracted to people with a psychic or mystical character,  although (due to Venus trine with Neptune) you'll have to keep your feet on the ground and try not to idealize this love.

You'll be in a good mood today and choose an outfit that will make you feel like you can handle anything. When your partner sees you, he/she will be speechless.

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Your imagination won't be at its best, so you'll find it difficult to solve problems or come up with new ideas. It's okay, just focus on the routine tasks and leave everything that requires creativity for tomorrow.

The stars will enhance your selfishness.  If you have an opportunity to step on your colleague's toes, you will do so. Be careful because this person may realize what you've done and try to discredit you. 

If you're unemployed, a magic ritual will help you attract a job or a new source of income.


The astral climate will help you sleep better.  You'll wake up late and even take a nap at midday. It has been a while since you rested so well. And, no, you won't find it hard to fall asleep at night.

Your body will retain more water than normal so avoid salty food and try to have plenty of fruit and water today. 


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