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Leo Horoscope - Saturday, March 6, 2021: Non-conformity will become your hallmark

No more excuses, Leo, exercising your body is essential, start doing sports today


You'll be assailed by doubts when you realize that your partner no longer attracts you as before. Don't be alarmed; if you've been together for many years, it's normal that there are ups and downs in terms of physical and erotic attraction. In addition, the metabolism of your loved one may have changed a lot and if he/she has done nothing to keep in shape, it may discourage you, too.

Single Leos will feel observed from far away. There's someone who feels very attracted by you, and when you look at him/her, they pretend they haven't seen you, but you know they have.  If you like this person, too, take the first step and start a casual conversation.

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You've always been a nonconformist and no matter how good your situation is, you can't help but be ambitious and aspire to achieve a little more each time. Therefore, you're never comfortable or pigeonholed when it comes to your work and professional life. Even if you don't change your job very often, you always try to make improvements and learn new techniques and skills.

However, sometimes you crave a little peace and boredom. There are days when you would prefer to have a "normal" routine but don't fool yourself, Leo, it would only last for a few days or weeks at most.  You carry constant creativity and entrepreneurship and that makes you unique in your cosmic DNA.

Unemployed Leos will feel free when it comes to rejecting job proposals that lower their dignity.


Lately, you've been coming up with too many excuses to postpone your exercise routine. You always have something more important to do like an errand, chatting with your friends or watching a film. A headache is no excuse either. Don't put it off any longer and start doing sports today.

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