Leo Horoscope for Saturday

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, February 6, 2021: You'll get lost in dreams and fantasies

You'll have a lot of energy and feel strong and vital, but it's important you take things easy


Leo, the Moon Venus trine will soften the energy of Mars that the planet of love is receiving. You'll be calm in your relationship, but you won't pay much attention to your partner because you'll fantasize about radical life changes  (including leaving your partner). 

Besides, these thoughts rooted in your head will make you see the supposed signs: all the commercials on TV will be promoting freedom and promiscuity, you'll get more attention from strangers than ever, and very attractive people will be sending you friendship requests online. Everything seems to indicate that your relationship should come to an end, but is this what you really want? Don't make decisions you might regret later.

Single Leos should remember that everyone posts their best pictures on their social networks, which don't necessarily reflect the reality.

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Some time ago you were in touch with a very interesting person and you both were considering setting up a business, but then things changed and you didn't have an opportunity to carry out your plans. You'll get some news about this person and realize that he/she is doing very well. Why don't you call him/her and discuss the possibility to retake that promising project?

If you have some extra income apart from your usual salary (such as rent, profits in the stock market, money from opinions in a blog, etc.), it'll be delayed and cause you some headaches.


With your regent, the Sun, square Mars, you'll have a lot of energy, but may not be eager to exercise for a long time. You need to burn this excess energy. Try some high-intensity activities, such as boxing, martial arts, CrossFit, or hiit workouts. 

When it comes to your mental health, you'll be very distracted and lost in your own thoughts and ignore everyone who will try to bring you back to reality.

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