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Leo Horoscope - Sunday, December 6, 2020: You'll reap what you've sown

You might consider turning your life around; a spiritual retreat will help you make up your mind


Take advantage of the influence of the stars and convince your partner to go on a short trip. You don't have to go very far; choose a place where you can experience something new.  For example, go to a bubble hotel where you can sleep under the stars without giving up luxury, or a hotel with a thermal water spa. And, if you feel like something more gastronomic, you can always opt for a wine tasting experience in a nearby winery.

A friend from your childhood will get in touch with you again. He/she is doing great in life, which will make you feel a little envious. 

Single Leos will enjoy the attention they get from their suitors and have various spicy online conversations at the same time. Be careful, Leo, as you could confuse the chats and your good mood will turn into embarrassment. 

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You'll experience a strong astrological shift in your sense of "duty" to society. You may feel a kind of call to put yourself at the service of the underprivileged somewhere you feel confident; it may be a hospital, monastery, or prison.

You might decide to turn your life around. Religion or spirituality will play an important role in your decision. Seclusion or retreat will help you make up your mind.

It's a good day to experiment with new technology. If you have the chance, try to take original photos with your cell phone or learn how to pilot a drone.


Have you been a good person? Depending on your past actions, you'll reap what you've sown and experience the power of karma. It's time to assume the consequences of your actions and ask for forgiveness if you feel you've hurt someone. 

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