Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, August 6, 2020: You'll feel like an alien

Risky tactics will lead you to good results; you'll be good at negotiating prices regarding your purchases


Leo, you're very sympathetic and you easily put yourself in other people's shoes; however, you feel that they don't do the same and can't really understand you. You don't have to feel marginalized or strange; quite the opposite! Appreciate and be grateful for this gift that the Universe has given you. You're able to feel and share others' pain and joy and your heart is connected to the whole Universe. 

Sun Uranus square suggests you should break the barrier of feeling like an alien and welcome a very powerful feeling of pride and love that will start flowing inside you.

This inner resurgence will lead you to a wonderful day with your partner and everyone else you come across today. 

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At work, a colleague may abuse your trust by getting out of some assignments and asking you to do them for him/her. In good faith, you'll accept to back your workmate up but someone else who has heard this conversation and knows that it's a lie will secretly speak on your behalf to the boss to let him/ her know what has happened.

If you have your own business, something similar will happen to you, too. Your employee will tell you that he/she doesn't feel very well, but later you'll meet them happily shopping in the mall. 

If you want to buy a property and are in a negotiation process, it's a good day to propose a lower price. You'll surely be lucky. 

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Connecting with your essence will help you get over morning sadness. You'll be aware of your virtues and quirks and realize that they make you very special and unique.

Check your calendar as you may have a medical appointment soon and you could forget about it and not go.