Leo Tuesday on a sky background with shooting stars

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, April 6, 2021: Save up for a short getaway

Even if you have a stable partner, you won't be able to take your eyes off someone very attractive


Venus will make you focus on physical beauty instead of the inner one. You'll be attracted to people who fit in the current beauty standards and ignore those ones who don't have a spectacular body but have a good heart.

If you're looking for a one-night stand, that's fine. But, if you want to find true love, don't be so narrow-minded. Maybe that person you're so attracted to physically is the one you're least suited for.

Leos in a relationship also won't be able to take their eyes off sculpted bodies. You'll start feeling hot and even give a mischievous smile (but it won't cross your mind to be unfaithful to your partner).

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Whether you went on a holiday or have one in mind, you'll have to tighten your belt a little. If it were for another reason, you'd find it quite hard, but the excitement of a getaway is definitely worth it. You'll start thinking about how you can reduce your expenses around the house.

You're one of the most ambitious Zodiac signs when it comes to your career.  You want to achieve great accomplishments, increase your income, and be recognized. However, try to balance your professional and private life; otherwise, you won't have any time for your loved ones.


If you're a female Leo who suffers from severe menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, and discomfort during intimate relations, make an appointment with your gynecologist, as you could be suffering from endometriosis. If you're trying to get pregnant and you don't succeed, it could also be due to this little-known disease.

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