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Leo Horoscope - Friday, March 5, 2021: You'll prove your honesty again

Cut off all the toxic people who are trying to ruin your relationship inventing lies about you


Leo, although you usually like being the center of attention, today won't be one of those days. You'll get involved in a heated argument caused by jealousy. It's not that your partner is going to feel jealous though. It's the third parties who are envious of your success in love or how you manage the relationships that want to see you fail. 

Whether it's going to be you or your partner defending your actions, you'll get caught up in this fuss. This person who wants to hurt you will tell lies and even if you deny them, they'll sow doubt in your relationship. What you should do is cut off this toxic person and not listen to anything he/she has to say

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Mercury conjunct Jupiter will help you solve certain problems with the payments and investments that seemed to be made, but the money has never arrived. What bothered you most was the fact that people doubted your honesty. Now you'll be able to prove that you were right and that you weren't trying to deceive anyone.

A supplier or service provider will want you to pay without an invoice. This will make you feel bad because you pay all your taxes and you want others to do the same. Also, if there's a problem later on, the person who provided the service or sold the item will probably deny it as there will be no evidence of it.


Leo, the quality of the water you drink has a big impact on your metabolism. If you drink tap water, even if it's drinkable, make sure it doesn't contain a lot of lime. You can also notice the quality of water when you have a shower or wash your face, as soft water leaves your hair cleaner for longer.

Keep this in mind if you practice water sports or regularly go to the swimming pool. 

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