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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, January 5, 2021: You'll be doubting your decisions

Stay away from gossip and compromising conversations that involve your partners


Leos who are in a short-term relationship should be sincere and very careful when making promises, especially if you think you cannot fulfill them at the moment. At night, passion will take over you and you'll be very fiery. 

Single Leos will have doubts regarding the person they like. On the one hand, he/she attracts you, but on the other, there's something that doesn't convince you.

If you've got children, a walk in the field (if possible, barefoot) will help you connect with mother nature. It's important to remind them that we're part of a whole and that without the mother flora and fauna we wouldn't survive.

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If you have your own company, the energies predict that some of your employees may suffer a minor accident today. Of course, you'll be fully involved and make sure that they receive the necessary medical attention. However, when you implement changes in your business, no matter how much you plan things, there's always something that slips your mind. Luckily, it won't be anything serious.

The situation at work will be tense so try to tactfully and elegantly avoid compromising conversations if you're planning to meet with the competing business partners.

Beware of hiding your money around the house with the intention of saving it. With Neptune in your money and investment zone, you'll be confused and may forget where you've put it.


Once you wake up, drink a large glass of water.  It'll help your body hydrate after 7 or 8 hours without drinking anything. Moreover, you'll start the day with more vitality and healthier skin.

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