Leo Horoscope for Friday

Leo Horoscope - Friday, February 5, 2021: Your passive attitude will get you into trouble

If people around you don't act the way you expect them to, you'll be confused and upset


Venus square Mars will make you very passive in your relationship. Your manipulative side will also come to light and you'll be eager to exercise control over your partner. You'll act as a strict and angry father rather than someone in love. Therefore, don't be surprised if your spouse packs his/her luggage and runs off. It's not the right way to treat someone you love.

When it comes to your family, the stars foresee disagreements with your mother or mother figure. Some uncomfortable past issues will be brought to light and you'll still feel hurt as you haven't managed to overcome them.

Single Leos will have to be careful today because their controlling attitude when flirting won't help them to conquer their crush. Moreover, you may fall for someone with a very negative aura who doesn't suit you at all. 

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At work, there will be some changes that you won't like at first. You won't accept them, which may get you into trouble. You may even fly into a fit of rage and tell everyone to get lost. You'll have to be more flexible and follow others' orders if you don't want to be fired.

Leos who have a job interview will be very fussy when asking questions about the company. Your interviewer won't like your attitude at all and although he/she may be cordial and friendly until the end of the meeting, it's very unlikely that you'll get the job.


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