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Leo Horoscope - Saturday, December 5, 2020: Several people will be interested in you romantically

The trine between the Sun, the Moon, and Mars will make you stand out from the crowd today


Leo, the Sun in your children's area trine to the Moon, which is also in your sign, will offer you a great opportunity to communicate with your kids in an effective, persuasive, and loving way. Your zone of romance will also be affected, so it's a perfect day to conquer your crush's heart or to fall even more in love with your partner.

You'll be like the Pied Piper of Hamelin who was able to charm mice with his flute. The people you will talk to will be fascinated by your words and nod their heads agreeing with everything you say. They'll follow you into any adventure you propose (take advantage of it and ask your children to tidy up their room).

If you're single, today more than one person will have a crush on you. If you aren't used to it, you might think you have something stuck in your teeth, but they'll be simply admiring you!

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The planet of the rational mind will connect with your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore,  in the afternoon, you might come up with some original ways to make extra money (without having to make a big investment or putting your savings at risk).

If you think your salary doesn't reflect your effort, you'll consider changing your job.  Update your resume and search for opportunities online. However, don't quit your job until you're hired in a new company.

Looking through the boxes of gifts you've received, you may come across an item that has been around for generations and that you've never used. Today you'll feel proud of this family tradition and place it somewhere everyone can see it.


Today it's essential to stay hydrated so if you leave the house, make sure you take a stainless steel or glass bottle of water with you and remember to take a sip every hour. You can add a piece of orange, cucumber, or red fruit to make it taste different. 

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