Leo Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, August 5, 2020: Tendency to criticize others

Your low self-esteem will lead you to criticize others; be careful as it may put your crush off


The entry of Mercury in your sign will help you communicate and reach agreements with your partner. You won't abandon your transformation or your new-self but look for things in common with your loved one to make sure you're still going the same direction. 

Yesterday you were more focused on yourself and on deciphering the energies that manifested in your body and thoughts, but today communication will be your strong point. Your attitude will still be a little distant and cold when it comes to solving some issues; however, you'll approach your partner with your best intentions.

Those Leos who are dating someone new will be influenced by the inharmonic aspect between Mercury and Saturn. You'll spend time criticizing other people, which will put your crush off and he/she may decide to never see you again.

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If you spend the day chatting with your colleagues at work, you may be scolded by your boss. You won't be very eager to work and you'll feel that you have to explain a thousand things to your colleagues.

Your pay for working extra hours last month will help you make little reforms at home that you couldn't afford before, like repairing rising damp in a wall or replacing a window with a more insulating one. Ask for several budgets, find out about each company, and choose the one that best suits your needs and gives you more guarantees. 

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Your lungs need fresh air.  The pollution in the cities is a current issue that affects everyone's health. If you haven't left the center for days, we recommend that you spend your free time away from the city. How about taking a short walk in the countryside or in the woods?