Leo Monday on a sky background with shooting stars

Leo Horoscope - Monday, April 5, 2021: A past love will return to your life

Give a distinctive touch to your outfit in a job interview and stand out from the rest


You'll cross paths with someone from your past, someone who used to be your partner and you thought you were going to grow old together. Your heart will start beating faster and although you'll notice how the person has changed, he/she will still have that smile that used to enchant you. Leo, if you keep asking yourself what would have happened if things had turned out differently, it might be a good moment to ask this question directly.

You'll have a feeling that you're spied on as your partner will be informed of every movement you make. One of his/her friends has seen you here, a family member has spotted you there, an acquaintance has seen you chatting to someone, etc. You'll start doubting that it's all a coincidence!

If you love animals, but can't have a pet, consider helping out at an animal shelter or sanctuary. You'll gladden their hearts and yours.

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Jupiter won't be eager to be a part of your greediest plans for this Monday. The planet of luck won't be on your side and you may lose big sums of money if you get carried away by your impulses when it comes to investments and purchases.

If you have a job interview, work on your outfit and try to make it stand out from the rest. A neon-colored scarf or tie or flashy animal print shoes won't let the human resources team easily forget you. 


You'll be more open than usual and make everyone around you laugh. Some might even think that you've taken some strange substance as they've never seen you that cheerful. Little do they know that it's actually your essence. 

At night, you'll be very lucid and find it difficult to fall asleep. We recommend that instead of looking at your cell phone, you opt for a book on occultism.

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