Leo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, October 4, 2020: Eroticism, emotion and fun in love

Be brave and take a step further regarding the person you like; Venus will be on your side


You'll be eager to spice up your relationship. Look for an activity that you could do in a couple; something that would generate adrenaline and make you laugh till you cry. Then choose a discreet public place for erotic games and seduce your partner. 

Your better half will be more than happy that you've taken the reins of the day. When the night comes, he/she won't be able to stop looking at you like a teenager who has just fallen in love.

Single Leos should take a step further regarding the person they're attracted to. Whether it's sending him/her the first message, asking them out, or something more intimate. The planet of love, Venus, will be on your side so go for it, Leo!

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Leo, time is money. You should stop doing favors as if you were an errand boy/girl. Above all, reflect on this issue in the workplace, where you're asked to do more and more things every time. In the end, you don't have time for everything and have to work overtime, even from home.

Don't let your workmates take advantage of your needs or kindness. You could spend this time doing other things like being with your family or enjoying your hobbies. Recognize your value and self-worth!

Your home economy may not be at its best, but you know how to manage it so you can afford an exciting experience like buying tickets to see a stand-up show by your favorite comedian. You'll make this Sunday unforgettable.

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A small domestic accident (like getting a splinter or cutting yourself with a piece of paper or knife when preparing food) will bother you all day long as it'll be just in the place where your finger bends. Remember to disinfect the area well and put a band-aid on it.

When it comes to your thoughts, you'll be eager to merge with your partner and find out if he/she has any sexual fantasies.

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