Leo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, July 4, 2020: Be cautious when asked for financial advice

The almost full moon in Capricorn in your health zone will give you a lot of vitality and energy


The almost full moon ready for the eclipse will make you very susceptible. You'll shut yourself off from other people and be taken by your insecurities. However, you'll also feel that you're able to clear up your feelings.

If you thought your partner was perfect, you'll realize that he/she has got some flaws, just like every other human being. It's not about judging your better half, Leo. It's a matter of accepting him/her from a more realistic and healthy perspective. 

Single Leos' intuition will be at its best today. If you go out and meet new people, this quality will help you find your true love. 


It's time to go on that trip that's been on your mind for a while. It won't be just a simple trip, as every place you visit will teach you some important life lessons that you'll be able to incorporate into your daily life. Be curious and take everything in; it'll help you broaden your mind. 

A close friend or a family member may ask you for advice regarding investments they want to make. You'll be willing to help and teach them everything you've learned so far. However, you should be careful. Don't tell this person exactly what he/she has to do as it'll be your fault if things don't turn out well. It's better to be impartial in your recommendation and let that person decide for himself/herself.

When it comes to work, balance will be restored. Your colleagues who thought they were above everybody else will have to learn a lesson of humility and justice. 


You'll wake up feeling great. A sensation of extreme vitality will take over you and you'll feel able to do anything today.  You'll have to do exercise if you don't want that excess energy to lead you to a headache.