Leo Horoscope - Monday, January 4, 2021: Certain people will approach you out of pure interest

It's time to implement changes in your business to minimize losses and maximize profits


If you have a partner, it's not a good time to get married. That is to say, if you've been thinking of giving your relationship a fresh start by taking a new step because you were stuck in a rut, don't do it.  You're likely to regret it at some point.

If you notice that your relationship has stagnated, the last thing you should do is get married or try for a baby to "fix the situation". What you should do is go to couples therapy.

Single Leos will find it easy to flirt, but you should be more selective.  You could hook up with someone who is not right for you and who only wants to get close to you out of interest  (whether material or social). So go slowly and make sure you get to know the person who is so fond of you.

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If you have your own company or are a self-employed entrepreneur, you'll be worried about certain protocols and techniques that are not working properly and make you lose your time and money. 

This is why you are going to have to reorganize your business. If you feel that this situation is overwhelming you, you should go to a specialist or auditor who could give you professional advice and help you with this new organizational plan of action.


In general, you'll be in a good health and good mood, and have plenty of energy. However, due to some meal (or lack of it), you could suffer from low or high blood pressure. You might get dizzy but you won't faint. Your family members, colleagues and you will get quite scared though.

This fright will lead you to start taking better care of yourself. It's important you cut down on your salt intake and don't skip any meals with the excuse of "too much work". 

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