Leo Horoscope for Thursday

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, February 4, 2021: You'll get obsessed with your expenses

The Moon in Scorpio will help you understand why your partner is sad and you'll do everything you can for him/her


Due to the T-Square in your marriage and relationship area, it won't be your best day in terms of love. It doesn't mean that you're going to face arguments and discussions though. It's just that your partner will be quite upset and sad because of external factors and won't be eager to do anything.

You'll have to support him/her. If they need to let off steam, listen to them. Spoil them without being too overwhelming and give them space if necessary. You'll be a great teammate and help your loved one overcome his/her problems and emotional wounds.

If you're a single Leo, patience won't be your best virtue today. If the person you're trying to conquer takes a long time to respond to your messages, you'll create a thousand scenarios in your head. Relax and trust your intuition; everything will be fine.

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It seems that the real estate sector has been quite inactive lately, but there are still big fish to be caught.  If you're buying and selling real estate, luck will be on your side and you'll make a beneficial deal. 

Leo, your recent obsession with saving as much as possible may get you into trouble when you can't pay for a coffee because you've decided not to carry any cash. You think that if you have money in your wallet, you'll spend it without any consideration, but in the end, you end up paying by card for all your expenses. So, tangible or not,  you should look for another strategy that includes greater awareness of your purchases or you won't manage to save anything.


The Moon in Scorpio will activate your most sexual side, which will be difficult to satisfy. However, you'll also understand others better, which will help you support your loved ones.

Pending tasks and appointments may overwhelm you and everything will start to fall behind. You might have to postpone a commitment so you don't go crazy.

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