Leo Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, August 4, 2020: Productivity and companionship at work

The atmosphere in your relationship is still tense and anything your partner does will seem suspicious to you


You'll be suspicious of your partner because lately he/she has been checking their mobile phone a lot. Leo, you may be mistaken. Your loved one may not be talking to a third person; he/she may be simply hooked on an online game.

If this behaviour bothers you a lot, you should obviously comment it. However, before you do, reflect on your own actions; you may realize that you look at your phone much more often than you should, too.

Single Leos will be cold and distant today.  Communication won't be one of your strong points. You may have to face misunderstandings with the people around you and you won't be interested in romantic love

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The quadrature of Mars and Jupiter suggests you should avoid making investments or lending money  because there's a chance you won't get it back.

At work, the atmosphere will be friendly and warm  (except if you're the boss; then it'll be quite the opposite). You'll perform your tasks neatly and be able to finish them earlier than you planned. In the meetings, all opinions will be taken into account to reach a common agreement. Your breaks will be also full of laughter and good vibes.  

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A fruitful day at work and so many conversations will lead you to a sore throat. To soothe it, avoid having cold drinks or food and have a couple of spoonfuls of honey before you go to bed.

Your legs and knees may hurt, too, due to your sedentary lifestyle. Lately, you haven't been constant with your exercise routine and your body is definitely noticing it. 

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