Leo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, October 31, 2020: You'll be attracted to the dark energies

Take advantage of Halloween and perform rituals to help you attract the necessary energies to achieve your goals


You may start a fight with a friend because of very different opinions on a certain topic, or verbally attack someone who is arguing with your friend.

In love, the good aspect between Mars and Venus will favor the resolution of conflicts but you'll tend to exaggerate things. Leo, it's up to you to leave your stubbornness aside and deepen your bond with your partner. 

The conjunction of the Moon with Neptune in your zone of "the occult" will be well aspected; therefore, you'll be attracted to the dark and forbidden energies. Tonight is Halloween night (or Samhain) and you may be eager to visit a cemetery and experiment with the mystical. Working with your shadows is very interesting but remember to be as respectful as possible. 

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You'll be eager to climb your social power ladder taking advantage of your friends and acquaintances. Your ambition will be to reach people who are influential  on a local or national level and who are in tune with your ideals. You may also start managing a group of people for a good cause, but you won't let anyone question your methods.

You may be tempted to make impulse purchases online. Lately, you've been giving a lot of importance to material things and you should reflect on your expenses.

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Talking to you will be like walking a tightrope. If you don't like something, your interlocutor can be overwhelmed by your incisive and immovable arguments. You'll be irritable and prefer to talk about trivialities that have nothing to do with society.

Tonight is the new year for witches, pagans, and sorcerers... Besides, at dawn, the full moon will be in Aries. Perform some rituals to help you get the necessary energy you need to achieve your goals.  And don't forget to enjoy this magical night, either alone or with your loved ones.

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