Leo Horoscope for Wednesday

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, March 31, 2021: You'll successfully manage your economy

Shy Leos will feel the courageous energy of Mars and dare to ask their platonic love out


Leos who are very shy (although there are not many) will enjoy a wave of bravery thanks to Mars that will finally allow them to ask their crush out. Your cheekiness and mischievousness in their right measure will make your platonic love smile and even if they'd like to resist your charm, they won't be able to.

You've dreamed about this moment for such a long time, you've even had it all planned. However, in the end, it'll be much more effective if you decide to be spontaneous and fun. A touch of elegance and gallantry will end up giving you that yes that you crave so much.

You'll be quite stressed regarding your family matters, especially if you've got a large family. You'll be in the middle of their accusations and no matter whether you position yourself or not, someone will get angry with you for not coming to their defense. 

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You're in a relatively comfortable position in terms of your job and career. However, being a conformist doesn't really suit you.  A new horizon of challenges is going to open up before you when you start looking for new businesses related to foreign countries. You'll start a new business or international studies.

In addition, you'll be very conscious of your money, which means that you won't get carried away by consumerist impulses. You'll even challenge yourself to make a new spending or savings plan.


If you have some pain that doesn't go away, you should pay a visit to a doctor  even if you feel very lazy to do that. Don't put it off anymore; the sooner you go, the sooner you'll find out what it's all about and can start the treatment. Leave the excuses aside, your health should always go first. 

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