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Leo Horoscope - Thursday, December 31, 2020: You'll toast the turn of the calendar with enthusiasm

You won't be eager to be rational and your predictions for the next year will be very idyllic


Leo, you'll avoid the external world by deepening your bonds with your loved ones, especially your partner, family members, and those friends who are like family to you. If the outside noise torments you, you'll escape to your cave deep in the jungle. However, you won't be eager to be alone; the company of your closest people will help you not to get lost in your fears and negative thoughts.

Home is not always a specific place. It can be one person or various people. Today you'll be eager to feel their warmth. Although it has been a tough year, you'll be happy to realize that you're surrounded by the people you love. The most important thing tonight will be to have them by your side and raise a toast for a better year. 

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You know you haven't been an exemplary worker or boss in the last few days. Your strategy will be to avoid any kind of human contact today. You'll notice some looks and hear some whispers, but you'll prefer to ignore them and look at your watch every five minutes waiting for the moment you can leave.

If you have to make a last-minute purchase, don't worry, as you have enough money in your bank account.


Lots of tense energies in your health zone won't let you feel very vital or active. You may suffer from a stomachache and indigestion due to your recent holiday binge.

Leo, try to eat healthy food during the day if you have a feast tonight. Otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy your dinner. 

With Mercury and the Moon in harmonic aspects with Neptune, your conversations will revolve around desires and dreams for the coming year.  Imagine that everything will be better and fill your home with optimism and good vibes.

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