Leo Horoscope Monday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Monday, August 31, 2020: A new friendship could turn into a great love

If you're unemployed and speak various languages, the stars will help you to find a job


When it comes to your love life, things will get much better on this last day of August. However, you'll have to work on your own freedom, Leo. If you're in a relationship, you still need to have your own circle of friends, your own hobbies, and even dare to travel alone. Go somewhere where you could get closer to your spirituality, such as Nepal.

Single Leos will open their mind and the door to their heart to welcome new people into their life. At the beginning of the week, you'll meet someone who could become your future partner before the new moon enters Virgo on September 17th.

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The astral energies will favour those Leos who have their own business. Someone rich and powerful will find out about your project and may be willing to finance it or buy a part of its shares.

If you've been thinking of transferring your business, you're likely to achieve your purpose today.

It's also a good day to make new investments in both local and foreign companies and enterprises.

Unemployed Leos who speak several languages may find a job. However, if you aren't good at languages, don't lie on your résumé because you'll be caught red-handed sooner than you think.

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No one likes dreaming about having a serious illness. This nightmare will make you wake up in a bad mood and you'll feel the need to hug a family member. Before the anguish takes hold of you for the rest of the day, you should know that dreaming about being sick isn't a premonitory dream. However, you should analyze it to know the type of illness, the organs it's related to, and its correspondence with emotional health.

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