Leo Horoscope Friday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Friday, October 30, 2020: Don't let your rebellious impulses take over you

Try to avoid arguments at all costs as they may lead you to serious conflicts that will be difficult to solve


Leo, multiple tense planetary aspects will lead you to argue with your mother today. You'll be more rebellious than ever and your rude words might hurt her feelings. However, tomorrow you'll feel calmer and your relationship with this person will become more peaceful. 

The Moon in conjunction with Uranus, and both in opposition to the Sun, will make you feel paranoid regarding your partner. You may see the signs of infidelity where there are none. Or quite the opposite, you could feel a deep spiritual connection with your loved one. A relaxing activity such as a hot spring bath will help you strengthen your bond.

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You'll have to make a purchase related to improving your health. Don't skimp on it, Leo, as it'll influence your well-being greatly.

On the other hand, the stars foresee that you'll waste your money on partying and having fun, which could be perfectly avoided, especially if you're trying to save. 

It's not a good day to buy machines, gadgets, or any technological item. If possible, avoid their use, too, as they might overheat and you could even get hurt.

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A bad posture when sleeping could cause you a severe headache and acute discomfort in the cervicals. It's not the first time it happens, so it may be the right moment to change your pillow.

Do some research on the Internet about the different components and shapes of pillows, get opinions from people with the same problems, and go to a specialized store to ask for an expert opinion. We also recommend that you take a hot shower before going to sleep to help your muscles relax.