Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, July 30, 2020: The stars benefit secret relationships

The Moon in Sagittarius in your area of creativity will benefit hobbies and professions that require sensitivity


Neptune Square the Moon and Venus in your area of secrets will lead you to disappointment in your relationship. Some Leos might start an affair with a co-worker who always compliments them. You will exchange very intimate messages and photographs. The novelty and adrenaline will give you a boost of self-esteem.

Be careful with your cellphone, especially if you don't lock it. Your partner might see the spicy messages you get from your new "friend".

Single Leos will meet someone they will have fun with without conditions.  For now, you'll settle for that. However, if you end up falling in love, the other person will most likely disappear from your life like a ghost.

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If your profession requires creativity, such as photography, you'll be more than inspired today. Take advantage of it and give your best. Show the world everything you're capable of. Turn today's photo session into an exhibition and make yourself known. 

The Moon will also benefit any other professions or hobbies that depends upon your creativity and sensitivity. 

You won't be sure about your future and the possibility of ending up alone will lead you to put a part of your savings into the account only you have access to. It may not be the most ethical thing to do but it's definitely a wise decision. 


If you've asked the Universe to send you signs, you have to be attentive: something as simple as a feather, a big insect, a melody, the numerology or dreams might give you the answer and show you the way you should follow. 

Your day will be so intense that you'll fall asleep five min after watching a film on the sofa. Your strong emotions will wear you out physically and also mentally.