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Leo Horoscope - Thursday, September 3, 2020: Your words will have a great impact on others

If you're about to travel abroad, make sure you have all the documentation before you pack

Leo Horoscope Thursday, 3 September 2020
Your Leo Horoscope for Thursday, September 3, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


Mercury in a harmonic aspect with Venus and Saturn will make your words very powerful; use them wisely! If your intention is to solve your problems and do good, it'll be so. And, if you use this power to hurt someone emotionally, you'll reach your objective, too. However, always keep in mind the universal factor that takes care of everything: karma. 

When it comes to your relationship, a candlelit dinner in a restaurant where you've never been before will help you open up about your problems, solve them in a peaceful and calm way, and regain harmony.

Single Leos should also take advantage of the gift of the gab that the stars will give them today to conquer someone's heart. 

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Your regent (the Sun) and Jupiter will be well-aspected, which will help you successfully close business deals and make investments that will benefit you in the short and long terms.

If you live in a foreign country or you're going to take a trip in the near future, make sure all your documentation is in order so you don't miss anything. Making a list of everything you need to check will help you in the process.

If you're a teacher, today you'll have a  massive influence on your students. Take advantage of your working hours to teach them important things about life so that they become good citizens in the future. 

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Treat yourself to a hot tub. Fill it with flower petals and add some colored bath salts. Surround yourself with candles and play relaxing music in the background. Enjoy this Zen moment and be grateful for three good things that have happened to you today. Your mind and your energy will thank you.

And, if your bath is big enough to fit your partner, sensuality and pleasure are guaranteed!!


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