Leo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, October 3, 2020: Gemstones may help you clean your home from negative energy

Venus in harmony with Mars, Lilith and the Moon will fill your day with love and passion


Leo, your partner will pay special attention to you today. He/she will be eager to please you in bed and to make sure you're comfortable and happy at all times. You'll love having so much attention and enjoy it to the fullest.

When it comes to your children, you know that your love for them is immense. Your overflowing creativity is a quality that your kids simply adore. It really helps them to develop their imagination. You're one of the best parental figures in the zodiac, but you must be careful not to overprotect your children.

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Mercury will be in a tense aspect with Uranus so you should avoid purchases on credit.  There are likely to be catch-all clauses that will give you problems in the future.

It's also a bad day to sign legal agreements (buying and selling real estate, marriage, divorce, child custody, etc.). You won't even be able to reach verbal agreements before signing as there will be many misunderstandings that will end up in discussions.

You'll be tempted to sell an electronic device that doesn't work properly. It definitely isn't a good idea as your buyer could discover the truth and even sue you. Don't mess with karma, Leo.

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If you're thinking of getting hold of a crystal to purify the energy of your home, a quartz geode will suit you best.  Place it in the center of your house, i.e where you spend most of your time, for example, in the living room or kitchen. Remember to charge it with energy on the full moon and clean it on the new moon.

When was the last time that you had your eyes tested?  Visual health is very important, and if you've been feeling tired lately, you should definitely have your eyes checked.