Leo Horoscope - Sunday, January 3, 2021: Get rid of everything that no longer serves you

Jupiter and Saturn's tense aspects in your relationship area will lead single Leos to sadness and anger


The moon will help you to recover the romanticism that Venus square Neptune has "stolen" from you  and this Saturday you'll live very passionate moments with your partner. Physical contact like holding hands or caressing each other will gain a lot of importance today.

Single Leos will be hungry for love but the responses they receive may not be the ones they expected.

Your emotions will be quite unstable and you'll find it hard to control yourself and act coherently. However, you'll have a lot of opportunities to learn important lessons from your relationships. 

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You have to restore order at work and in your financial matters. You may be holding on to business partners, tasks, projects, or investments that are dragging you down and don't let you move forward. You think that the devil you know is better than the devil you don't, but you should start making changes. It's time to get rid of everything that no longer serves you and discover new things.

You're missing out on important opportunities due to the fear to get out of your comfort zone. Restore order in your mind and exterior by establishing priorities. Surround yourself with people and objects that give you joy and  you'll vibrate so high that the Universe won't be able to ignore you. 


Your spiritual and religious side will come to light, so you're likely to attend an event aligned with your beliefs and values.

Astral energies will also make you reflect on the way you look. You'll be eager to change your hair color or your hairstyle. You'll realize that some of your clothes no longer suit you and buy some new ones.  

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