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Leo Horoscope - Thursday, December 3, 2020: Dancing to happy music will make you vibrate high

Your children will be very affectionate and may surprise you with a nice gesture, which will make you immensely happy


Leo, today's emotions will overwhelm you; everything in you will be magnified and you'll have to make an effort to vibrate high and not get lost in the maze of your imagination.

Sharing your reflections and objectives for the new year with your friends, especially those who are more open-minded, will help you a lot. Talk to someone mystical, spiritual, and very empathic; someone who will be able to understand your feelings and intuition.

When it comes to your partner and family, you'll feel very romantic and cuddly.  Your children may surprise you with a nice gesture, which will make you very happy. They'll appreciate that you love them unconditionally and also invent the funniest games thanks to your imagination and creativity.

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Your energy levels will be low, which will make you delay your routine tasks. You'll need some external stimulation to motivate you. If possible, play some happy music at work so cheer you up.

An older relative may ask you for money, but the truth is that this month you're short of cash yourself so you won't be able to do him/her the favor. The avalanche of future expenses is getting closer. Keep in mind that this year we might not be able to celebrate Christmas in a traditional way, so try to delay all your purchases as much as possible. 


Leo, socializing is something that will make you feel very happy this Thursday. Sharing jokes and chatting while having a drink with your partner, family or friends will help you recharge your batteries.

On a physical level, laziness and procrastination will be your greatest enemies. Try to imitate a dance choreography that you like to generate endorphins and wake up the body (it'll be much more fun if you have a dance partner).

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