Leo Horoscope for Saturday

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, April 3, 2021: Be the main protagonist of your life

You'll find it hard to get up, but as the day progresses, you'll regain your energy


It'll be an introspective day, which will help you to sort out your feelings. The stars point out that you need a better internal organization to discern what you want in your present and in your future when it comes to relationships. This includes not only love matters but all the people you have a bond with. 

Some will find out that they've settled for a comfortable relationship, but they don't feel what they're supposed to feel. Others will find out that they're more in love than they thought... You'll also become aware of toxic family members and friendships and be able to get rid of those relationships for good without any remorse.

This energy is very beneficial for the singles as it'll allow you to chart a clear course for your life. Leo, you are the main character of this movie we call life, act like it!

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If you're one of those lucky ones who are on holiday or have a day off today, take advantage to disconnect from your job completely. Turn off your mobile and computer and go out to enjoy nature (better if you do it with your family). Admire the colors of the changing seasons and how the fauna and flora interact creating an infinite cycle.

However, in case you have to take the lead at work, don't get frustrated. The day will pass quickly thanks to the good vibes that your colleagues and customers will spread.


You'll find it very difficult to get up today. The astral climate hasn't let you rest properly and getting out of bed will seem an impossible mission. 

However, there's nothing to worry about. This fatigue won't last and at midday, after you've had a healthy lunch, you'll be able to regain your pace. 

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