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Leo Horoscope - Monday, March 29, 2021: Let your heart guide you to your vocation

You will have little time to enjoy romance but you will show your love with small gestures


Leo, although you won't have much time for romanticism, you'll make sure your life partner feels loved and happy.  You won't be able to prepare something spectacular, but simply cooking dinner while your loved one is in the shower is everything he/she needs to know how much you care. 

When it comes to a couple, sometimes one of you is more tired than the other for external reasons. It's important that you understand and help each other out. Today it'll be your turn to do more, but later it'll be the other way around. 

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One of your electronic appliances will stop working today. It'll seem to start up, but the screen will keep going black. If you know a bit about computers, you might find the solution in a forum. But if it's not your strong point, you'll probably have to call technical service.

You seem to be disappointed with the career you've chosen.  You thought it would be something else, something more fulfilling. You've put a lot of effort and money into pursuing this degree, but now you think it's not your path. It's okay, Leo, everyone makes mistakes, it's not the end of the world. Let your heart guide you in this new search for your vocation.


The Moon in Libra well aspected to Mars suggests you leave your car parked and get around on foot. Although you wouldn't normally walk such distances (reasonable distances, of course), encourage yourself to leave home earlier so you can get to places on time. Take advantage of your walk and observe nature or listen to an audiobook on your headphones. 

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