Leo Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, July 29, 2020: You'll have to restore order and impose respect

Don't expect your partner to act the way you would, but if his/her actions bother you, express your feelings


You'll be disappointed with your partner if you expect him/her to act according to your preferences, or as you think is right. Stop expecting other people to behave as you would; otherwise, you'll have to continuously deal with disappointment.

Leo, take off your rose-colored glasses. Your partner is a real person, with his/her strengths, weaknesses, personality, and their own way of doing things. Your loved one has his/her own feelings and ways of expressing them. Just observe them and if there's something that bothers you, let him/her know. Improving one's attitude is always an option, but if your partner believes that there's nothing to change, you should be the one to decide whether you want to be with this person or not.

Single Leos will be disappointed to find out that the person they are attracted to has completely different family values than they do.

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You'll feel the need to convince yourself that your job is useful to society. You'll seek the approval of others and forget that what really matters is how you feel inside.  Trust your values and hard work; stop underestimating yourself! 

If you run your own business and have noticed a lack of control among your employees, it's time to restore order. Remember that you're their boss and not their friend. Obviously, don't act as a tyrant, just be a leader who shows them the right direction. This is the only way to make your workers respect you. 


Crescent moon is a perfect moment to moisturize your skin or hair. Natural, homemade masks will be perfect for this purpose. Use extra virgin oil for your hair and yogurt and honey for your face masks; you'll look radiant afterward!