Leo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, August 29, 2020: You need to find answers to unresolved issues

Astral energy will lead you to tense relationship wiith your siblings for moral and economic reasons


Some unresolved issues with your partner will lead you to a sensation of uncertainty that will take over your relationship. You'll feel that you have to solve your doubts as soon as possible. However, forcing things will only make the rope tighter.

It may seem that everything is stagnant and you aren't moving forward, but actually you're slowly going towards the right path that the Universe has in store for you. You and your partner should distance yourselves a little bit to give each more other space. Reading a book on relationships will help you understand where you are and what you have to do to improve your situation.

Single Leos should also read more about self-esteem. Your mind is like a garden - you have to take care of your thoughts as they're flowers that grow in it. Start watering them instead of waiting until they get completely dry and die out. 

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If you have your own business, take advantage of this Saturday and organize your tasks for the coming days because the stars predict a lot of sudden changes. This way, you'll be able to react quickly, anticipate problems that may arise, and not lose any money.

Your siblings' situation will put you in a bad mood. It's not that you need anyone's economic help, but seeing how your brother or sister (who are neither looking for a job nor studying) are always being given money for their whims will definitely annoy you. At the end of the day, it's always you who is present at all the family meals, and who helps out when a family member needs it.

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You should cut out unhealthy snacks (chips, olives with flavour enhancers, sweet bagged popcorn, etc) from your diet. They are not good for your physical health or your brain in the long run. Replace them with carrot or celery sticks, an avocado or nut toast, which are much healthier and have beneficial properties for your body!