Leo Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, October 28, 2020: You'd rather go unnoticed today

Add food with many vitamins and minerals to your diet today, such as mushrooms and legumes


Leo, the tense aspect between Venus and the Moon will make you distrust any nice words you hear today. It's not that you think your partner is complimenting you because he/she is hiding something, it's just that your self-esteem will be very low. 

On some days, you think you can handle anything and your reflection in the mirror is pure magic and beauty. However, today, you won't be satisfied with any outfit or hairstyle.

Your partner will try to make you feel loved and appreciated at all times. And, even if you don't agree with his/her opinion about you, you'll appreciate all the love and nice words. 

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At work, you'll also be taken over by the same energy and prefer to stay in the background. You'll be eager to go unnoticed if you attend group meetings or if they need a spokesperson for some task. You'll be very critical of your work and nothing will seem good enough.  It's okay to criticize yourself with the intention of improving, but don't overdo it. 

It's not a good day for small purchases or investments because your judgment won't be at its best and you may acquire things you'll regret in the near future.

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Leo, if you want to change your appearance to improve your self-esteem, we highly recommend you don't take any drastic steps today.  Once you leave the hairdresser's and arrive home, you might have one of these: "Oh my God, what have I done?" moments. It's ok, the hair grows back, but you should consider having a makeover in December. 

You'll feel tired and have no energy today. Eat healthy food and add products that have a lot of vitamins and minerals to your diet.