Leo Sunday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, March 28, 2021: You'll value friendship and loyalty

Full Moon in Libra enhances the changes that have taken place in your closest circle


Leos in a relationship can count on positive vibes. Venus will grant her prosperous energy and you'll be able to enjoy a quiet Sunday leaving all the tensions and misunderstanding behind. Peace, dialogue, and affection will take over your place. If you happen to watch a spicy scene while enjoying a film or series, you'll have to pause it to unleash your passion!

Single Leos will be in a better mood, but just to make sure melancholy doesn't take over you again, meet with those crazy friends of yours who are always able to bring a smile to your face. Appreciate their friendship and loyalty because they're always there for you in your best and worst moments. A friend is a treasure, they say, which is very much true.

If you have children, they'll be a little restless (especially the little ones). Let your creativity out and assemble a rocket or pirate ship with some boxes and paint; you'll have a great time!

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You'll have very sharp critical thinking skills. At first, you'll focus on your decisions and reflect on what you could have done better. However, once you learn the lesson, stop beating yourself up.  Use this energy to discern the best of the projects you have at your disposal.  Analyze their advantages and disadvantages and the potential they have.

Leos who have to work today will experience a very uncomfortable moment when their friends will be eager to take advantage of their friendship to get a product at a lower price or even for free.


Avoid risky sports today as the stars foresee that putting yourself in danger could be fatal.

The Full Moon in Libra will show you how your closest circle has changed in the last six months and how you've transformed your way of communicating with others.

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