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Your Daily Leo Horoscope for Monday, June 28

Leo, telling half-truths will get you into trouble

❤️ Love

Leo, Pluto might bring to light half-truths that you've been telling your partner.  When your better half asks you what's going on with you or what you're thinking about, you aren't completely sincere because you omit certain key information in your explanations.

However, if you don't tell him/her the truth, someone else will. So, this Monday you should advocate for transparency and full trust in your partner. If you've done nothing wrong, what is it that you're trying to hide?

This energy will also affect single Leos. Stop pretending that you feel great if you don't. Feeling vulnerable and melancholic isn't an emotion you should ignore and invalidate (but don't let it become a constant in your life either).

💰 Money

At work, Leo, you're going to notice some shady movements on the part of co-workers who are trying to curry favor with your superior. They'll do it behind others' backs, badmouthing about other workmates' performance (including yours). You've already had a suspicion that something like this was going on, but today your assumptions will be confirmed.

You'll be eager to go back to school, but it won't have to do anything with your current career. You may be interested in a new university degree related to technology, data science or learning a new craft.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Leo, you feel like moving your body, but can't stand the machines at the gym. How about trying zumba, belly dancing or modern dance classes? Burning calories while dancing is exhausting as well as fun. Plus, it's a good opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships.

👍 Tip of the day 

Remember that sincerity is one of the pillars of any relationship

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for Monday, June 28 are: 1, 2, 10 and 22.

🤝 Compatibilities

Today, Monday, June 28, 2021, the best compatibilities for Leos are:

Capricorn and Virgo in Love

Aries and Cancer in Friendship

Aries and Virgo at Work

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