Leo Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, July 28, 2020: Let go of that burden that doesn't let you move forward

You'll have to deal with a colleague who will try to take credit for your ideas; act with prudence


Leo, if you don't let go of the past, you won't have room for the new. Locking yourself up and wallowing in your pain isn't going to make things better. True, you have to go through a period of grief, but once you let it all out, get up and start walking with your head held high.

The pain won't go away for a while, but it's up to you to keep suffering or not. Attitude is something we choose every day when we wake up, Leo. And you have to start choosing to be happy; otherwise, you'll sink into sadness and it'll be very difficult to get out of it. Cheer up!

Your children will see that you're not well. They'll notice you're sad and upset. They'll be eager to make you smile doing silly things, but you won't be in the mood.

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You'll have great ideas and innocently share them with your colleagues. However, one of your workmates will tell them to your boss and take all the credit. Before you talk directly to your superior and look like the "snitch", have an honest conversation with your colleague and let him/her correct their mistake. 

You'll find an old coin you've never seen before. Don't use it and go to a collector's store to get an appraisal of its value. It's probably worth a lot more money than you expect.

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Quitting smoking is a matter of will. Tobacco is a vice that only damages your health and costs money that you could invest in other things. If you have tried everything, perhaps a hypnosis therapy or a quitting ritual will work for you.

Don't let sadness take over you and do your best to fight it off. A video call with your best friend to blow off steam and have a laugh will make you feel much better.