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Leo Horoscope - Thursday, January 28, 2021: The full moon in your sign highlights your innate radiance

You'll be finally able to relax and slow down the frenetic pace at work


Leo, today your loved ones will ask for your attention and support. Your partner has been feeling left out lately. You're very likely to have a conversation about his/her emotional needs, and you'll realize that they're completely reasonable and achievable.

Your family members that don't live with you (your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nephews, etc.) would also like you to show more interest in their lives. They need your support and love, you're an important link and they miss you.

Single Leos will insist on having more dates and conversations with that person they like. However, deep down you know that the difference of opinion between you two won't make a romantic relationship possible. We know you're very attracted to him/her physically, but  if you're unable to have a single conversation without arguing, it's not worth it. 

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In the last few weeks, you've been working really hard and made a lot of effort. Today you'll notice that you can slow down; your performance won't be affected. Just don't fall into the trap of neglecting your responsibilities or skipping out.

You're very likely to receive an offer to lead a team or a project. You'll be able to take the lead and do things your way.

If you're unemployed and sign up for any offer you see online, it's normal you aren't invited for an interview. You should focus on your skills and knowledge, write a cover letter highlighting your strengths and apply for those offers that match your experience and knowledge.


The full moon in your sign will make you shine and look splendid and sensual.  However, due to the T-Square in your birth chart, you could feel agitated, nervous, and irritable if someone questions your appearance, thoughts, or actions. 

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