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Leo Horoscope - Sunday, February 28, 2021: You'll come across your old platonic love

Lying on your resume is not the best option to find a job; use your creativity instead


You don't have to be on the verge of breaking up with your partner to go to couples counseling.  In fact, usually at that point, there is no turning back. If you've noticed that recently you two don't agree on anything, that everything bothers you and your communication doesn't help you understand each other, it's time to pay a visit to a professional.

Don't feel inferior for asking for external help because no one teaches us how to manage our emotions. Living with the same person for so many years naturally leads to ups and downs in all the relationships. The only thing that matters is that you both love each other and are willing to work it out.

Single Leos will come across an old platonic love and their forgotten feelings will come to the surface. Your careers will cross paths and your eyes will start sparkling when you have this special person in front of you. 

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Those who work for others will feel grateful for having a job and the idea of Monday won't scare them at all. You'll focus on your family, friends, your pet, and yourself doing activities you like. 

Leos who are unemployed will be tempted to lie on their resume. Don't do it as the truth will out and soon your employees will realize that you don't possess the skills you've claimed to have. Instead, create an original curriculum vitae and if you aren't good at it, you can always resort to a professional who will help you out.


The waning Moon in Virgo is a perfect moment to carry out a detox plan with the help of a nutritionist or naturopath. Some very useful elements are saunas that will help you sweat and stimulate your circulation and dry brushing of the skin.

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