The Leo sign

Leo Horoscope - Monday, December 28, 2020: Try not to overreact

To avoid arguments, you'll prefer to spend time with your workmates rather than with your partner


Leo, when it comes to love, you'll be quite cold. Certain criticism or advice to your partner will end up in an argument. It's not that your spouse will misinterpret you, it'll be you who won't choose the right words. You'll be too categorical and even a little authoritarian.

If you have children, you could unintentionally hurt their feelings or punish them too harshly if they don't listen to you.

You'll feel much more comfortable with your workmates or a group of friends. Your attitude may be a little distant but you'll be more relaxed and confident.

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If you have to contact new clients or government administration to start a new economic activity, your day will be filled with obstacles and misunderstandings. It's not a good moment to start a business or launch a commercial campaign for a product or service as your approach will lead to a misconception.

You won't be able to connect with your most creative and original side, which will lead you to frustration. It's something temporary, so don't worry about it; in a couple of days, you'll be inspired again. For the time being,  try to focus on more practical or administrative tasks.

If you have children, it's likely that you'll have to deal with some unexpected expenses. You may have to buy some material that they urgently need or pay for an outing that they've forgotten to tell you about.


Today be careful with your extremities, especially your hands, Leo. There's a risk of suffering from a domestic accident.  For example, you may slam your finger in the door or cut yourself if you work with sharp or pointed tools. 

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