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Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, January 27, 2021: You've got all you need to succeed

Fortunately, you'll manage to clarify your doubts and understand the origin of your feelings


Being kind and sympathetic toward yourself will help you have a more positive point of view regarding love. Lately, you've been feeling confused and overwhelmed by hundreds of arguments, doubts, and contradictory feelings. You're exhausted but don't give up now; you're about to find the answers.

Your doubts about your relationship were likely triggered by the internal distrust that you were projecting on your loved one. What bothers or scares us about others has more to do with us than with the other people. 

The fog will also clear up in single Leos' life and they'll finally be able to see the direction they're going. This energy will attract like-minded people and you may find the love you've been looking for. 

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The atmosphere at work will be defined by the Magician Tarot card. You've got all it takes to come up with new ideas and create new projects that will lead you to success. Don't get distracted by gossip or trivialities; today you have a powerful creative force; take advantage of it.

Those who work on their own and have their company will also have new opportunities. At the moment these doors are only half open, but you can perceive all the benefits behind them. Keep working hard and soon you'll be able to walk through them. 


Unfortunately, it's not a good day for Leos who suffer from arthritis as it'll get a little worse. If you're into extreme sports, you may break a bone, so be especially careful. 

Remember that taking care of your bones is essential for a healthy life. Add to your diet foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, such as seafood, clams, almonds, sesame seeds, chickpeas, eggs, sardines, salmon and don't forget to sunbathe.

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