Leo Saturday on a night sky background

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, February 27, 2021: You need answers to clear your heart

You'll feel very differently from what you did half a year ago because you've learned to value yourself more


Leo, you'll get a new proposal at work and your partner will ask your family to help him/her convince you to make the right decision. Obviously, it's the path that your spouse thinks is the right one or the one he/she thinks would suit you best, but maybe it's not the one you want.

You'll feel very uncomfortable, questioned and even a little attacked by everyone when you get together. Your loved one will get the opposite of what he/she has expected: instead of being convinced, you'll be eager to disagree with everything he/she says and ready to argue with anyone who doesn't support you.

If yesterday it was you who was playing with others' hearts, today you'll become the victim. The person you like will act like a dog in the manger. It's time to ask the right questions so you can finally get clear answers. 

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Although it's the weekend,  Leos who have their own businesses will probably have to work to deliver or finish a project on time. Your workers won't be very happy to have to work overtime and could even act passively and indifferently. 

You'll have to be on top of them so that they don't get distracted and do their tasks efficiently. However, don't abuse your power, simply be a good leader and let them see you working, too. Once you explain to them the situation, they'll surely understand you and pitch in.


The Full Moon in Virgo is in your zone of personal valuation. It closes a cycle that has helped you to change the image you had of yourself.  You've developed new skills focused on new goals. You've also become more perfectionist and increased your financial assets, but you haven't lost your humility.

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