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Leo Horoscope - Sunday, December 27, 2020: Correct your posture to avoid injuries

You'll be excited to spend the day with your family but the thoughts about money will distract you


You'll be eager to do a cultural or scientific activity with your children or other family members. A home experiment could be a good plan for all. Also, pay a visit to a science or nature museum. Even if you don't have kids, you can still go with your partner or a group of friends. You'll have a great time!

Having a clear destination and time of arrival is a good starting point, but  let yourself be surprised by the journey today. Stop in places that call your attention, eat in a local restaurant, and leave your cell phone on silent so that nobody disturbs you. There is no need to photograph every second, Leolive each moment for yourself without feeling the need to show everyone what you're doing.

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You'll be very enthusiastic today. Your fast thinking will help you out if you sell goods or services. You'll be able to sell your ideas to anyone.  You'll also be good at managing your financial resources. However, try not to get obsessed with them as your mind will be a little absorbed by economic issues.

You'll be impatient to see the results of your projects or transactions. This could cloud your vision regarding other important matters, such as enjoying life and your loved ones, until you get that much-desired compensation.


If you've spent many hours sitting at your desk, you may have a backache and a hunchback posture.  If it's something that happens every day, you should go to the gym and strengthen the muscles of this area of your body to fix a bad posture.

Don't fall into the trap of buying that product you've seen on TV that looks like a vest and supposedly makes you straighten your back; you'll only get injured. 

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