Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, August 27, 2020: Manage your stress so it doesn't make you sick

The tense aspects of Venus and the Moon aren't conducive to pregnancy and neither is your anxious state of mind


Leo, if you've already tried your best to attract the attention of that person you like and he/she still hasn't noticed you, it's time to take action (the magic action, of course)! Get hold of a picture of your crush, two red candles, a red ribbon, and some jasmine and perform a love mooring.

If you're in a relationship and have been trying to get pregnant for a while,  these days won't be the best ones to conceive. Both you and your partner will get frustrated and upset; however, you'll be there for each other. You'll hold hands and kiss each other on the forehead and cheeks to show support and affection. Don't despair; the joy will come when you're more relaxed and not under so much pressure.

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You always want to buy that exclusive face cream and stop using the one you bought at the supermarket but every month something comes up and you run out of savings. When you get your paycheck this month, set aside some money for your much-desired purchase. You've been working very hard and you definitely deserve it. 

You've got so many open fronts regarding your own projects and the ones in your company that you'll collapse. You've been working nonstop, Leo, doing several things at the same time and your mind will ask you for peace and quiet. You'll have to set aside everything that isn't urgent and take it easy.

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You've been through a lot of stress these days and although your week has been very productive, your mind and body need some rest. You've already noticed that you aren't at your best when it comes to your health and could fall ill at any moment. Be wise and listen to your body; remember that it's your temple.