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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, April 27, 2021: Are you putting power before family?

With the full Moon in Scorpio, ask yourself how the quest for power influences your private life


Leo, due to your strange attitude, your partner will feel totally lost and confused today. You'll be very demanding and if your loved one doesn't say or do what you expect from him/her, you'll be rude and surly.

Take a step back and look at yourself from the outside. You may realize that your love life has become stagnant and you want to take it a step further. Maybe you want to have a child, move in together, buy a home, have a big wedding, etc. Whatever it is, instead of waiting for your partner to read your mind, tell him/her about it. No one is a fortune teller and it's up to you to convey your needs.


The full Moon in Scorpio will illuminate your fourth house of the natal chart. Not only it's in opposition to the Sun, but also to four other astral elements: Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Lilith in conjunction with the Sun in your tenth house. Think about how power and the desire to make more and more money influence your home. Are you being a good parent or are you more focused on climbing your career ladder? Do you take care of your work relationships but neglect your family? Is your office in tip-top condition but your home is a mess?

Leo, it's the time to reflect on all these questions, because Saturn indicates that lately, you spend more time and effort on gaining power and authority than taking care of your own family. What is the use of being a successful and respected person if you don't have the love and warmth of your family?


You need to work on your strategic thinking, and there is no better practice than playing games! Try your hand at chess, Monopoly, Catan or even Minecraft. In addition, if you ask your children to join you, you'll have a great time together and strengthen your bonds.

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