Leo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, September 26, 2020: Your circle of friends will vary and expand

You'll find it hard to follow others' lives as there will be lots of sudden changes


You'll meet very interesting new people. Your friends and acquaintances may surprise you with the news about pregnancy, weddings, or break-ups. It'll be hard to follow others' lives as things will change so quickly! If you have any siblings, they'll experience sudden and exciting changes, too.

If you're single and like someone from your group of friends who has been in a relationship, you may get lucky as this person will break up with their partner and you'll have an opportunity to say what you really feel. 

The Moon will lead you to be eager to stay at home and enjoy the love of your partner. After midday, innocent cuddles will turn into passionate sex.

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Your basic studies and communication area will be influenced by the stars. It's a good time to sign up for a course if you haven't finished your studies. Studying online will give you the flexibility you need as going to classes may not be an option right now.

Leo,if you are a teacher, you should be careful with your words and body language because your communication skills will be impaired and you'll have much less patience than usual.

On the other hand, you'll have good oratory skills for the occult or social sciences and you could become a kind of priest on a spiritual or social subject that you're passionate about and believe in.

Today you'll buy things on impulse. You'll purchase objects that you've wanted to have for a long time. No regrets as you usually don't spend much money on yourself.

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In the next few months, you'll go on a lot of short trips and discover many unusual places. Take advantage of this experience to get to know other customs and opinions. They could help you grow personally and spiritually.

The stars foresee some cardiovascular problems. If you notice that your hands or legs go numb more often than usual for no apparent reason, pay a visit to your doctor immediately.